Wednesday, March 21, 2007


"Bury me out on the prairie
Where the buffalo used to roam
Where the Canada geese once filled the sky
And then I won't be far from home
Bury me out on the prairie
Where the buffalo used to roam
You won't have to shed a tear for me
'Cause then I won't be far from home"

-Neil Young

Equinox, rebirth. And it felt like this morning. Really the first day I've been able to run comfortably with short sleeves. Just a short run around town, noticing the things I love and wonder if other people notice when they're out and about. South across the tracks, I know if you walk due west there is the coolest railroad bridge ever. Around past the old Libby's plant, now standing mostly empty. Ran along Bracken's Branch, wondering how many locals even notice or know the name of this creek and that James Bracken built a cabin overlooking the wooded stream in 1829. Just another block over is the house my dad grew up in, the building where my grandfather had his Allis-Chalmers implement business, and the portion of Bracken's where I heard tales of pick-up winter hockey games. Back through the college campus, home, celebrating Equinox, born again.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


McNaughton looms a month away. My long runs have been sparse, just forced off for 8 days due to bronchitis. Not good. But I will be there at the start and having fun. If not for 50, for however long. I've been trying to do some shorter, faster paced road stuff in an attempt to sharpen up a bit. So far injuries have been kept at bay, a trend that hopefully will continue into summer, allowing to get some of the demonic speed back.