Thursday, June 07, 2007


Recovery from Berryman has gone well. I was surprised by the lack of muscle soreness and damage, and was back running three miles just two days later. Last weekend I did back-to-back 9 mile tempo runs on pavement. Have three hours planned this weekend at Farmdale.

Racing plans are a bit tentative at this point. I've signed up for the Steamboat 15k, a race I haven't done in three years. The Colorado trip starts the 20th, and I'm hoping to do the 4 mile version of the Slacker Half in Georgetown, CO at 10,000+ feet.

Also hoping to bag Bierstadt and Evans, two relatively "easy" 14ers.

Pam mentioned doing the Berryman Adventure Race in Sept. and I'd still like to run the Moose Mtn. Marathon, although that may get subsumed by a trip the the Smokies/Blue Ridge.

Perphaps a 50k thrown in for fun. Dances with Dirt?

Just finished reading Richard Preston's "The Wild Trees" about the recent discovery and study of the world's largest organisms, the Redwoods of California, many hidden in groves only discovered in recent years by a few eccentric (i.e. interesting) souls. The book is their story and is the expansion of Preston's excellent New Yorker piece:

It's worth reading, although does get bogged down at times by personal backstory.