Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Colorado 2009

This trip wasn't about me and my running addiction. Despite my uncharacteristic selflessness, I still managed some nice runs in the foothills. No San Juans this time around, unfortunately. I did get in a nice eight mile trail run at Red Rock Canyon in Colo. Springs. This park is the stepsister to Garden of the Gods. Heartily recommended if you want a less touristy place to run. I was out there at 6 am on a weekday and saw no other humans on the entire run.

Other runs were on the Pikes Peak Greenway trail, paved but a nice course along the creek in north Springs. Highlands Ranch is cookie cutter suburban, BUT they do have an awesome open space trail that rises up to Castle Rock Rd. and gives a great view of all the 14ers off in the distance. Put in 8 and 7 miles here, respectively. We drove partially up the road to Evans out of Idaho Springs to fish a trout pond, but no runs.

Next year: San Juans hopefully, Leadville thon' possibly, somewhere else cool. I'd still love to attempt the pack burro race at Fairplay.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Devil's Lake

I decided to sign up for the Dances with Dirt, Devil's Lake marathon version in July. I've wanted to do the DWD Michigan for quite a while, but never made it up that way. DWD DL is in Baraboo, Wi, a relatively close drive and should be a fun course. There are ultra versions of the race which I'm opting out of for a marathon training run type thing.

Preparation has gone relatively well. I've managed to get in several runs close to four hours out at Farmdale and some nice distance during-the-week road runs. I should peak this week for the season so far at about 60 miles, high stuff in my world. Will be in Colorado next week and already have some trail runs lined up, although there is little doubt that mileage will be down since this is a family vacation after all. Still, mountains are mountains.