Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Planting Time

I give you good seed to plant in your field
And I help you to plow it
If you still can't make it grow
Then you don't know how to farm it

My seed is strong and bountiful
To yield a crop so beautiful
So if you will be dutiful
Then we both shall eat in plenty

But if you do not listen to me
And you treat the field impatiently
And do not mind it carefully
Thinking only of what you will reap
Then the crop will drop and fail

So with my good seed to plant in your field
And plenty help to plow it
I know that we gonna make it grow
To bear sweet fruits and flowers

And this crop won't drop and fail
We'll write the ending to this tale
This crop won't drop and fail

-"Crop no Drop" Stubborn All-Stars

Man, May is just a beautiful time in the Midwest. What's better than after a long, sometimes tough winter, to go out cruising for a nice 6 miler in a perfect 65 degree non-humid night? Not much. I'm just really loving running right now. Nothing long yet, mind you, but usually between 4 and 8 miles on roads, just the streets around town, sometimes out into the countryside. I feel largely recovered from McNaughton, pretty much able to do what I want and just have fun. Not that 50 mile training isn't fun--it is, but you know, no ice is sometimes preferable.

I don't have any current goals. Was going to run the Steamboat 15k for fun, but that might be out now due to attending a basketball camp with Keegan. Maybe the Bix in July? Haven't done that one, and by all accounts, it is nice. Part of me wishes I was doing Berryman again this year, such an amazing trail, but realistically I don't want to go out and push distance. So, no concrete plans for now. I'd like to do a fall marathon or 50k--maybe Moose Mountain this year, maybe something else.

I'd like to get out this weekend to do a 3 or 4 hour trail run, just to test things out, so plans may end up waiting for 3 or 4 of those runs to get completed. For me right now is time to engage with the hope and promise of planting time, reaping the rewards rather than sowing in anticipation.

On my Ipod. Lots of stuff. I'm digging doing the shorter runs with music. Westbound Train, Aggrolites, Tilt "Til' it kills," a really cool Stubborn All-stars/Marley/King Django mix playlist. Two frickin outstanding emo albums from the 90's: Christie Front Drive self-titled and Chamberlain's "The Moon my Saddle." CFD is just incredible, this cd sat in my collection for a long time and I've only recently gained a true appreciation for how great that band was. Funny how that works sometimes.