Tuesday, May 26, 2015

6-Hour Beer Run

headed to middletown, il on saturday for tonya and mike siltman's 6 hour beer run.  this is a timed effort on a (roughly, although i think it's a tad short, whatever) 2 mile loop through their 40 acre farm.  i was able to put up a good measured, well-executed effort despite increasing heat and lots of sun exposure.  never really wavered pace-wise and stayed on top of hydration.  this is still a small race, only 18 entered, but i have a feeling it will grow.  the intimate setting means you're out there chatting with the other racers, enjoying the day.  got to meet some new folks and chat a bit with rich breaux, an ultra veteran who was out getting some miles in.  ended with 13 1/4 loops for a recorded 26.25 miles. 

post-race at this even cannot be beat.  you get a pint glass with the race logo, runners and RDs hanging around drinking mike's homebrew.  and i mean really, really top notch homebrew.  i only had time for the ipa, but there were five other beers kegged out.  i would take this sort of grassroots race over the big glossy stuff any day, and i will be back next year.  you should be there, too.


56.25 miles, one rest day:  had a solid weekday build-up, then a 6 hour effort at siltman beer run.


solid 52 mile week with zero rest days, sprinkled in some slightly longer stuff.  felt good.

Friday, May 15, 2015


4/27/-5/3 37 miles, 0 rest days

5/4-5/9 38 miles, 1 rest day (work imposed, finals!)