Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rock Cut Hobo Run 50k

Ran this race on Sunday up in Rockford, IL. I had a decent summer of training with what was fairly high volume for me, although I pretty much didn't have any substantive long runs for four weeks before the race, a potential area of concern.

We went up Saturday and messed around a bit, swam, etc. Sunday morning at race start skies were cloudy temps cool but pleasant--50's. Basically, pretty much perfect running weather. I started off conservatively but with steady running, around 11:00/mile pace I would guess.

My first 15.5 mile loop clocked at 3:03. Goal time had been 3:15-3:30. Went to the Ipod for loop two primarily because the race was fairly strung out and there wasn't much conversation to be had. I had a few mental low spots on loop two, right around 20 miles in particular, but overall kept a good pace and ran within my limits. At about 24 miles I picked the pace up a bit thinking maybe sub-6 was a possibility. It wasn't at that stage, but was a good motivating factor to run harder. Several folks were hurting worse than I was and I passed them in the late miles while not being passed once in the last 12 miles.

Finish time was 6:14. Positive splits of 3:03/3:11, averaging out to 12:01 per mile and good for 48th out of 70 overall. My goal going in was sub 7 hours, so I'm happy with this time.

This trail is very nice, but not overly difficult. There are lots of flat double track sections that are very runnable with a nice mix of some moderately hilly single track in wooded areas. I'd recommend it.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Perpetual Taper?

The Rock Cut Hobo Run 50k is next weekend. My last offical long run will have come four weeks out. I decided to run IVS instead of a long run that weekend, then got rained out by Ike's remnants last weekend.

I do, however, feel prepared as my running this summer was higher volume than usual in my world, particularly in terms of weekly mileage. The slow pace I take for these things also helps. There are no time pressures or fixed time goals, but I do have the nebulous goal beyond just finishing of going under 7 1/2 hours. Ah, screw it, time is basically irrelevant, I just hope it's a nice day and a good, fun run.

Beyond Rock Cut is volunteering at the Farmdale Trail Run on 10/18, one of the most fun days of the year. Devil's Cliff is the aid station, and yeah, it's a blast watching everyone come through, even if most only stay for a few seconds. My affinity is particularly strong for the hardy back-of-the-pack folks such as myself that do spend a bit more time grazing and telling quick tales of the trail.

After that, God and the universe know. I try to be irie, but chaos has her way. Maybe a trail 50k early next year...maybe 50...heck, maybe a 100 at some point. What is it to run without dreams??

Ipod tunes from last night's 7 miler: Jets to Brazil "Orange Rhyming Dictionary"

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Summer Running

Some running, not much blog junk. This summer has been road runs and long runs, mostly at Farmdale, every other weekend. Trail runs of anywhere between 3-5 hours in preparation for the Rock Cut 50k in a few weeks. This past Sunday was the IVS 1/2 marathon in Peoria with some Eureka friends. Ran what is a respectable time for me on a fairly hilly road course-- 1:53, so I'm in decent form for the 50k.

Other running plans are up in the air. I was hoping for the Spirit of the Osage 50k in Oct., but that may not happen, especially considering October's weekends are full.

It's been cooler the last few days. This morning's six miler was in 48 degrees. Early September is still too early to think about fall completely, but the chill is seeping into morning, my beers are getting darker, and the corn is just barely starting to turn.

Been using the Ipod for weekday runs, just loaded up a good fall mix in anticipation:

Punk mix: Jawbreaker/Avail/Young Pioneers/Fifteen

Fall country road mix: Nuisance/Jayhawks/Chamberlain/Court and Spark/Uncle Tupelo