Sunday, April 20, 2014

world anew

a day of hope and renewal, new life and beginning.  celebrate it. 
get out on the trail, into the world anew, look around
oaks, shagbarks, now maples, still holding onto the vestiges of slumber
better look closely for those buds

undergrowth, don't know all of these shrubs, just coming into green
no bluebells, not yet, but soon in my patch of woods
this coming week perhaps?
the trail itself lined with the remnants of autumn's change
softening footfalls

you see, i have this secret trail
carved it out of an old deer path as the ground slumbered
you can do that then, it can't fight back
a few branches clipped, a path cut through dormant soil
it shows after a few passes
but not too much
i don't want you to know
you need to make your own secret trail

that trail it connects to another world
for just a moment a time before the plow
before the cabin at forest's edge
just a moment, there in solitude
there is an old fence, maybe from the depression era
rickety, barely perceptible, yet it persists
a remnant of a time
of the plow, of what exists in dominance now
but not in this spot

this spot that maybe you can't find
is as it was
a place of hope, renewal, beginning, for today
celebrate it