Monday, December 07, 2009


So it flurried last night, a half inch of powder on the trails by the creek. I guess this is sorta how those lucky bastards out west feel upon the first snow when the slopes are reopened.

The last few months have been sporadic running-wise. Soft tissue leg thing due to a dumb newbie training error, teaching two new classes, life stuff. Haven't run "long" since September. This really is ok, I kinda like free-forming it with the runs, just short stuff, nothing over five or six miles. That injury hasn't flared in a few weeks. Fitness lost, but not completely vanished. There are runs where things are hazy-- those moments of reuniting after some time away are awkward. "Where've you been??" This used to be easy, now we labor up that hill and over that log. No matter, I'm running in the snow and really loving it again.