Sunday, April 26, 2015


4/13/-4/19 40 miles--one off day, birthday and work imposed

4/20-4/26  42 miles--solid week, one off day, sore and tired on monday.  great weekend, rainy on sat., but radiantly sunny, forest bursting with life on sunday, 20 miles on weekend. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015


39 miles, 0 rest days.

some good harder early morning workouts midweek.  clear, mostly dry trail conditions, can finally get out at 6:00 a.m. without a headlamp.  this is what we wait all winter for.  forest floor started greening out on wed. into thurs., especially after rain.  still waiting on the first bluebells.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

tracking training

former training philosophy:

-mix of road and trail running
-long runs 3-6 hrs. on trails, generally every other week, to train for ultras
-self-created training plans
-maintenance mileage during week, run 3-5 days per week on average
-diet philosophy: sometimes low fat, cut weight, sometimes not
-weight class:  usually clydesdale, 200 lbs. +
-2-4 weight training sessions per week
caffeine intake: ZERO

current training philosophy:

-will walk on roads in off season, no running
-100% of running on trails
-no structured training plan, train by feel
-varied pace, lots of power hiking, will gentle run downs depending on feel and conditions
-goal is to strength build and work towards durability
-very few long training runs, aim for accumulated time on feet.  this means lots of double and triple workouts
-diet philosophy:  none, probably need one
-weight class:  always clydesdale, 200 lbs. ++
-zero weight training due to back
-caffeine intake: coffee fiend

2015 training:

doing what you can in the snow and ice, often power hiking w/trekking poles

1/1-1/4: 27 mi. 0 rest days
1/5-1/11: 46 mi. 0 rest days
1/12-1/18: 46 mi. 0 rest days
1/19-1/25: 29 mi. 0 rest days
1/26-2/1: 34 mi. 0 rest days
2/2-2/8: 34 mi. 0 rest days
2/9-2/15: 27 mi. 1 rest day
2/16-2/22: 35 mi. 1 rest day (cold and i'm soft)
2/23-2/28: 17 mi. 1 rest day
3/1-3/4 in fl.: 13 mi. 0 rest days
3/5-3/8 27 mi. 0 rest days
3/9-3/15: 39 mi. 0 rest days

dry trails, yeah!  time to run:

3/16-3/22: 47 mi. + 16 mile straight hike  0 rest days
3/23-3/29: 15 mi. 4 rest days (bronchitis)
3/30-4/5: 47 mi. 0 rest days

marathon/ultra history

decided to undertake this little project to track training through summer and towards a couple of events.  starting with some historical data, then a weekly log of loose mileage with reflections on philosophy and what i think i know.  any feedback or suggestions are appreciated!

started running seriously in june of 2001. first race was lung run 5k in oct. of 2001.

total miles since june 2001: 17,382

injuries: pf in both feet, patellar tendonitis (long ago), anterior tibial stress fracture (out 8 months in '04/'05), itbs in left knee (long ago), soft tissue issues on bottoms of both feet, back injury playing basketball (herniated disc? maybe, never mri'd)

marathon/ultra race history:

4/2003  st. louis marathon 4:32
11/03 quivering quads 50k, cuivre river state park, mo.
4/04 mcnaughton park 10 mile--anterior tibial stress fracture from late summer 2004 to early 2005
10/05 glacial trail 50k, wi. 7:50
4/06 mcnaughton park 30 mile
8/06 howl at the moon 8 hour, il. 29.61 miles
5/07 berryman trail marathon, mo. 6:11
4/08 mcnaughton park 50 mile, 13:15 (mud year)
9/08 rock cut hobo run 50k, il. 6:14
1/09 mcnabb fat ass 50k, 6:03
4/09 mcnaughton park 50 mile, 12:07
7/09 dances with dirt devil's lake marathon, wi. 5:52
8/10 howl at the moon 8 hour, il. 33.4 miles
10/13 farmdale (jubillee st. park, il) 30 mi. 7:08
6/14 kettle moraine, wi. 50k 8:38
8/14 howl at the moon 8 hr., il 30.11 miles
9/14 evergreen lake, il 50 mile 13:31
10/14 farmdale, il 30 mile 7:45