Saturday, February 28, 2009

McNaughton Training Oh Nine

Since McNabb it's been running a little here, running a little there, doing some long, some short, a few weights. Low key.

One thing I've tried to be conscious of is keeping my weekday mileage fairly consistent, meaning a continued diet of 6-8 mile mostly road runs with plenty of recovery days. Despite the cold of winter, have been fairly successful at this.

Long runs have been ok. I feel like the Fat Ass gave me a nice baseline long run and since then have shifted exclusively to McNaughton for hill training. In the last three weeks have gotten in two runs of five hours plus, both going really well.

Yesterday's run followed a day of heavy rain and storms. Still, by the time I took off at 9:00 the trail was in really good condition. I ran a bit with Pam until she went home at about 2:15 in, then did the rest solo at a bit quicker pace. The only spots that were really boggy were the low areas in the open. Even the downhills after golf were in good shape.

So, next weekend will be in Florida and will hopefully get in some warm beach runs, then two more long runs here before McNaughton.