Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sunrise Over Pimetoui

It sucks to run sick. I knew last weekend had to be a long run, since we're down to about a month before Glacial Trail, but man had I been bombed out by strep and then an ear infection following that misery. I had the day off on Friday and went to McNaughton with hopes of doing a long run, but by one hour i was completely off in some other universe, it was all i could to do walk it in back to the blazer in 1:52. Not pretty.

Sunday rolls around and it's do or die. Got to Forest Park for my scheduled solitary long run just as day broke at 6:30 a.m. We have had no relief yet from the summer heat and this morning was no exception, shirt drenchingly hot. I used both water bottles knowing that my fat butt was going to shed some serious electrolytes. The sickness was still hanging around but oh so much better than Friday morning; I knew there was a chance of finishing. First loop was ok, still getting warmed up at 50 minutes when i hit the parking lot. Climbing the first hill of Pimetoui I was really dragging butt, not knowing if I'd have the physical strength to handle the run. Just as a I crested, the sun broke through onto the hill prairie at the top of the ridge. It was one of those moments when you just stop and drink it in for a moment, let things rejuvenate and thank the Gods that you're able to even be out here to bear witness while the rest of the city sleeps in like good sane lil' boys and girls. I say, "screw sanity."

Took an e-cap at 1:30, drinking steadily all the time, straight water after the first hour. Ate a banana before my second out and back Pimetoui section, and another e-cap at about 2:20. At four hours my calves and left quad started getting those shooting cramps. Nothing awful, but noticeable. Walked/slow jogged the last 30 minutes and completed my 4:30 run over the hills of our beloved Forest Park trails. Not sure about the cramping. It was hot, humid, and the steady climbs and descents might have just worn me down strength wise, although our 4 hour run went perfectly (it was a good 10-15 degrees cooler). Might have possibly been glycogen depletion, probably should've eaten more. Stupid, stupid, forget that extra nanner and cashews. Still debating where or not to do a 5 hour before the race. Pam is going out this Sunday, but i won't be ready. If i go, it will be mid-week next week. Going to play it by feel.

Attended my aunt Barb's mothers' funeral yesterday in Williamsburg, IA. Ate up the solitude on the drive out there. I love eastern Iowa's rolling hills and lush farms. Very underrated. Let em' think it's boring. It's been about 6 years since I've done Field of Dreams and the river road down along the Mississippi and the Luxembourg village. Perhaps it's time again. Is it heaven? Yup, could be.

Been reading Dan Millman's "Way of the Peaceful Warrior." The writing isn't always great and sometimes i feel like I've been or am where the mentor of the narrative is, so it's kind of annoying, yet a fun read about awakening to self awareness and the quest for personal enlightenment. Not bad at all.


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dirt_trail_runner said...

no escaping the spammers, is there.

moor-rambler said...

If you're running like that while sick, I think it'll be no problem with the race. Keep it up but don't kill yourself. Is all this sickness your body's way of telling you 'it's too much'? (just a thought from the devil's advocate.) Anyway, I'm enjoying the reads and good luck.

dirt_trail_runner said...

hey snyd. yeah, probably weakened immune system combined with exposure to whatever but is floating around. i don't feel overtrained, but that could be a factor. good toughening regardless. you back running short distances? build slowly.

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