Wednesday, October 26, 2005


On the 15th Pam, her son, and I went out to Jubilee for the orienteering event. We did the yellow course, spending most of the time trying to find direct routes rather than taking the trails. I still need work with the compass and rough navigating. There is another meet in early November north of Springfield at Camp Silca and I'd like to try it. Addictive.

I'm just now starting to get back to some light training since Glacial. I've only been out a couple of times since the race and then only for short, light runs. So far I've felt good, I don't think anything was injured newly in the race. The broken toe still pains, but it's manageable. This weekend I think I'll try a longer run, maybe 2 hours or so on the trail. This is the absolute best of time of year to run around these parts. The days are still somewhat warm, the evenings crisp and cleansing, and the trees, although supposedly not as stark this year due to drought, are at their absolute peak color right now. Not sure about running goals. I feel that a 50 miler is definitely doable, although what form that will take, I know not. McNaughton 30 miler in April is my next race goal, and a possible 50 mile later in '06 if all goes well.

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