Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Wu Wei

Saihung thought back some ten years to a question he had asked the Grand Master as he was trying to understand the concept of wu wei.

"What does wu wei mean?" he had asked

"It means," his master had replied, "that everything you do seems spontaneous, natural, and complete. Nothing affects you. Nothing stirs up the emotions to interrupt the precious tranquility that you have constantly cultivated."

"Nothing affects you?"


"What if you were meditating and someone tries to kill you?" ashed Saihung

"If they come to kill me, fine. I shall kill them first."

"And then?"

"And then I sit back down to meditate."

"That's all?"


"Wouldn't you suffer for killing another?"

"Not in this case. They came to kill me. I merely interrupted them."

"Wouldn't you suffer within?"

"No. That's wu wei. One event happens, then another. If you are truly wu wei, then you are always placid."

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