Thursday, January 26, 2006

Lincoln Memorial Gardens and Oakland Cemetery

One photo from Lincoln Memorial Gardens near Springfield and two from Oakland Cemetery in Petersburg, IL.

I had some hip pain after the Fat Ass race that set back training for about a week, but was able to get out and do two hours at Farmdale on Sunday without much trouble. Hoping for 3+ hilly hours at Forest Park this weekend--a good physical test. McNaughton in April remains the goal.

Re-watched both volumes of "Kill Bill" this past week. Liked them even better the second time around. One thing I failed to notice previously is that Gordon Liu is in both movies, the head bodyguard of the crazy 88's in I and Pai Mei in II. Gordon Liu of course is the "Shaolin Masterkiller," widely regarded as the best martial arts film ever. There's no doubt it has the best training scenes.

Gatti/Damgaard this weekend. I have to wonder what Gatti has left at age 33, but my calendar is frickin cleared for this one. You have to go back to ancient Rome to see a guy like this. A warrior in the purest sense.


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