Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Another McNaughton Park Training Run

Made it out Sunday for 4 hours to McNaughton, shifting over to the race course, rather than the hillier Forest Park trails on the theory that I've already maxed out my leg strength, plus this is the best time of year to be out there.

Andy has marked the course thoroughly, seems to me there are a few more field areas near the beach trail, but I could be imagining. Pam and I did almost 2 loops, Heaven's Gate in its entirety, which I always get turned around on, but not with the yellow ribbons. There was some mud in the flat spots where the snow had melted. This week has seen a lot of rain, but the course dries out fairly well, who knows what the 15th will bring. I felt strong the whole way, hydration and food strategies seem to be working, although I may go with a bit more electrolytes than I did at Glacial to try and stave off those intermittent leg cramps.

I'm so stoked for this ultra, have missed out the last few years on McNaughton. '04 was coming off of a bout with PF after the Quivering Quads 50k and just did the 10 mile fun run. Last year was the tibial fracture, but I got to volunteer at the start/finish line for about 9 hours and meet cool people, including seeing Eric Clifton win the 100. But not in '06, baby. We're primed and ready. I see lots of locals on the registration list. Dave is running the 50, Troy the 30, and I see lots of familiar names. Kim and Keegan are even volunteering at an aid station for a bit.

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