Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hiking at McNaughton

I took my son out hiking at McNaughton, mostly on the Heaven's Gate loop. A few pics:

The new bridge over the second creek crossing, complete with course marker.

Looking back at the creek on Heaven's Gate flat area.


More trail. Things are just starting to green out in the last couple of days. No bluebells yet but a few wildflower buds.

And more trail...


Julie B said...

Nice pictures! I hope it is sunny and dry like it was when you took them. The bridge looks great. See you there!

dirt_trail_runner said...

Thanks, Julie. Good luck with your race! -Jason

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Are you doing the hundred?
-Bad Ben

dirt_trail_runner said...

Hey Ben,

Nope I wish I was that well trained. The 30 for me. Will be my 3rd ultra. 100s someday when life lets me! Will you be there? If so, best of luck.