Monday, May 15, 2006

Running Plans

I've only been out for one semi-long run since McNaughton (but lots of short ones), athree hour out at Farmdale. Erring on the side of too much recovery I think is better for me. Besides, have had some little flareups of plantar fasciitis, nothing too severe, but you gotta watch that mess. My hope was to maybe do the Howl at the Moon 8 hour as a training sort of run for Dances With Dirt in September. I've heard nothing but great things about Howl, so that's a must-do this year. After that, who knows. Lose some weight, sharpen the speed, try and avoid injury, and see what transpires.

On a side note, finally tried my Montrail Masai trail shoes. I don't know, they're awfully narrow, but then compared the gunboats that are the Brooks Beast, snowshoes would feel tight. I'll withhold judgement until I get a few more runs in with them.


angie's pink fuzzy said...

I ran in Masais last year and they were pretty good, considering that I actually needed more stability (I'm loving the hardrocks). I did Pemberton 50k in them, and still enjoy wearing them around town. They have a tendency to fray at the toes, both mine and my husband's did (maybe it's the rocky trails in Tucson? :) )

dirt_trail_runner said...

Hey angie,

i wear size 13's and i'm so used to the brooks, maybe just need to give these more of a try. narrow, narrow, narrow! and yeah, i bet desert rocks do tear the life out of shoes! keep running!