Friday, September 22, 2006


Dave held a potluck last night for runner Paul Stoso, who is currently running across the US ( without any aid other than a jogging stroller he is pushing. It was interesting hearing a few of his stories; what an inspirational guy. Check out the website for more info and his journals of the run.

Our descent into autumn continues. Was in Springfield yesterday and managed to make it out to the Gardens and to Petersburg. Wildflowers abound. To continue the theme of last post, I found a nice cache of false sunflower and some scattered purple ironweed along the creek last night.

For anyone reading (anyone?) within shouting distance of Peoria, there is still time to sign up for the Farmdale Trail Runs. Check out Dave's remarkable website for info:

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Paul Staso said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts, Jason. It was great meeting those who were at the potluck that day. The run was a success and I completed my 3,260-mile trek across 15 states in 108 running days, averaging 30 miles per day. Thanks for the encouragement while I was in Illinois. What a run!