Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I haven't done anything long in about a month, just 3-5 milers. The pair of Brooks Beasts I bought a couple months ago are simply too tight, not considering the narrowness of the D size, a fact which I hope has been contributing to the flare up of P.F. and one that can be alleviated by switching to the wider 4E. The time is now to start laying some base for ramp up to McNaughton. Not to mention this is just the best time to be out on the trails. I'm simply hoping to hold together physically on some semi-long runs, and work from there back into hills and 3-4 hour range training.

Farmdale is in two weeks and I'm looking forward to helping Dave out. At last count he was over his targeted 50 for the race. If you're doing it, be sure and say hello at the Devil's Cliff aid station.

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