Monday, November 13, 2006

Mackinaw River Blog

I've started a parallel blog (no myspace, no standard website, keepin it simple) to this one tentatively entitled, "River's Bend: A Mackinaw River Resource Spot." My goal is to set up some sort of forum for my own writing and various historical projects centered around the river. Ultimately, I would love to expand and include other folks' work of any and all sorts as they pertain to the Mackinaw. I don't know exactly which direction this will head, if any, but here goes.

Please contact me if you have any ideas or would like contribute in any way.

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Mike P. said...

Hey Jason - first off, let me say that this is totally unrelated to your most recent post. Now, with that out of the way...
I came across an old post of yours when searching for info on the Illinois River Bluff Trail. As a trail runner, I assume you've experienced this trail yourself. I was wondering - do you know if bicycles are allowed on this trail, or is it hiking only? I live very close to the west end of this trail, and it would be pretty slick to be able to bicycle to work (Cat Mossville) on it. Any idea?

dirt_trail_runner said...

Hi Mike,

I really am not sure, but my assumption would be that it is not open for biking. I say that because other Peoria Park District trails are hiking only (Forest Park, Detweiller) and I'm guessing that is an overall park district policy. River Bluff is a really cool spot and it would be fun to mtn bike, especially to commute.

On another note, I talked to a park district employee recently and he said he expects it to be years before the proposed connector route through to Detweiller is completed. Years as in 10-20 years. Hopefully it won't take that long.

Let me know if you find anything out on the mtn. biking.