Wednesday, December 20, 2006


-All the snow from the storm is melted. We don't have winters like we used to.

-Went out and did a McNaughton loop in 2:15 last weekend. Feet held up, things are steadily getting back to normal. Trails out there were in great shape, some mud in low spots, but not bad overall, creek was up, so wet feet. Much fun on the hills. This is a good sign.

-Yesterday I saw a large eagle sitting about 20 yards into a tilled corn field on Lancaster Road west of Bartonville. This is the first large eagle I have ever seen sitting in a tilled corn field in winter.

-I started reading "Mishima's Sword" by Christopher Ross. Ross travels to Japan in search of the samurai sword with which Yukio Mishima's head was severed with while becoming the last person in Japan to commit Sepukko. So far a fascinating read, particularly for those interested in Japanese Samurai culture (I am) or Mishima's life and writing. (Snyd, you out there?)

-Finished reading "Working Retrievers" by Tom Quinn, a most beautiful book on field training Retriever breeds. Everything you need to know elegantly laid out. I have this fantasy of turning Zoe into a working birddog, but realistically, there isn't time, nor probably bloodline, but what a fun thought. I'll have to settle for running with her.

Soundtrack: Court and Spark, "Witch Season"

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moor-rambler said...

Yeah Zim, I've read a couple of reviews of the book in the times. The consensus was it was an interesteing book but not very penetrating about Mishima or his death. Let me know what you think...