Tuesday, January 23, 2007

January Running

I made it out to McNaughton on Saturday morning. Starting temp was 14 degrees, a bit of a wind out of the west, slightly overcast. Trail conditions were decent, mud was frozen solid from the colder temps, there was still some snow dusting on some of the hills, making footing a little iffy in spots, nothing major. That first creek crossing was frigid, the kind where the laces freeze to blocks 20 seconds after you're through. Pam did an abbreviated loop with me in 1:39, I headed back out for a total time of 3:15.

Life is about to change in a big way, so a planned training schedule for April is not likely, not like I stick to one anyway. My plan is to get in as many long trail runs as family commitments and feet allow, do some junk miles during the week, and a semi-long tempo run on more level trails (i.e. Eureka trails) and road every other weekend.

Here are my overly-ambitious race plans for 2007. Subject to change. (Doh)

April 14- McNaughton Park 50 mile, IL.
May 19- Berryman Trail Marathon, MO.
June 16- Steamboat Classic, IL. 15k
August 11- Howl At the Moon 8 Hour, IL.
September 7- Moose Mountain Trail Marathon, MN.
October 13- Volunteer at Farmdale Trail Runs, IL.
December-Deer Run Run 8k, IL.


April- McNaughton Park 50 (100?) mile
August- Pikes Peak Ascent, CO. or September-Imogene Pass Run, Ouray, CO.

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