Tuesday, April 17, 2007

McNaughton Park 2007

Signed up to do the 50 back in August knowing full well baby was coming, training time most likely limited, but what the heck. Baby came, training time was limited, but I started the race anyway. A measly 22 miles before dropping, considering it a training run for Berryman. Still was a fun day. First loop fine, the usual running and chatting with the other slow folks. Second loop the rain came. And the trail was a mudpit. Literally a mudpit. You could barely stand on the slopes, much less run up or down. Low spots were turned into shoe-sucking bogs. Entire new trail systems sprung up as folks bushwhacked off the main single track just to make it down the hills unscathed. But it was fun. Ran with this guy from South Bend pretty much the whole way. Much exchange of stories and power hiking in the mud. Started a third loop but dropped shortly after.

I came back at night to help Dave out at the start/finish aid station from 8-3. Volunteering is every bit as fun as running. Seeing the amazing 100 and 150 milers occupy their different universe. Metzler won the 100, got to see that, amazing stuff.

50 next year. I promise.

Berryman marathon in May.

Soundtrack: GZA, "Liquid Swords"

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