Monday, May 14, 2007

Training for Berryman

My last long run was the weekend before last out at McNaughton. Ended up doing about 18/19 miles in 4 hours flat. Conditions were ideal, dry, creek crossing just about right. This was one of those perfect runs. I felt strong the whole way and actually picked up speed on the second loop.

Did 15 total this weekend on roads, feeling ready for Berryman; the only small issue is some slight left hip pain from, I think, doing the road thing. On alternate weekends I've been shooting for back-to-back mid-distance tempo runs, something I've neglected for too long, but is paying dividends through added endurance and helping to cut weight. I have been enjoying running around town, have a route that heads down past Bracken's Branch and back through town out to the lake area.

Trail marathon this Saturday.

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