Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Running Stuff

Ran Dave's Eureka Trail Race on...well...Eureka trails.

Trails where used to be just woods and deer paths and swimming in the creek bend in the summer as a kid. Now, trails! Not just trails, but a trail race. Where you run. Against other people!

So I went the trail race because I enjoy a good trail run and, sometimes, a good race. Ran it in 23:56. That got me lucky 13 out of...not too many more.

Postrace. Never win so much as a water bottle at the postrace drawings but...low and behold, a nice free pair of Inov-8's came my way. Not sure Inov-8 even makes shoes for dorks my size, you know, this running stuff should be for the sleek and swift, and surely size 13/14 gunboats are neither. But, free shoes nonetheless, baby. Take that.

Training: Volume has decreased a bit because, well, just has--but still got in nice 7 and 10 mile tempos on Saturday/Sunday.

Will try to do the same this weekend, then off to the hills of the Smokies/Blue Ridge for 5 days before the IVS 1/2 Marathon on Sunday the 9th.

This should be an interesting race. They've moved it back into Springdale Cemetery, hence lots of nice climbs, albeit on pavement, so they ain't THAT bad. I ran the 6.5 mile loop a couple weekends ago and enjoyed it.

After that, will get back to long trail runs, building slowly toward McNaughton.

Farmdale Trail Runs on the 13th October. Devil's Cliff aid station again.

Good luck Pam at Moose Mtn. You'll tear it up!

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