Friday, October 26, 2007

This Morning's Run

Seven blazing fast trail miles today at forest park, along the bluffs of the
Illinois River. So blazing fast that i caught Meltzer with a mile to go and
nipped Jurek at the line. Started the run with a slight headache, probably
courtesy of last night's boxing match with my seven y.o. he's got this
perplexing Harry Greb-like windmill style that i haven't figured out yet.

Cool stuff I saw:

-lots of purty yellow maples, most of which probably need to be cut down, or
that's all we'll have in a few years.
-nice, new foot bridge, courtesy of some enterprising eagle scout.
-awesome big red rock that's probably been in the same spot for the last
125,000 years, but hell if i've ever noticed it before today.
-yuppie lady gabbing on her hell phone in the middle of the trail.
-two grey squirrels, fairly rare in these parts.
-the astonished look on meltzer and jurek's faces as i flew by them into the
parking lot and back to reality.

Oh, and the headache was gone by then.

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