Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tapir, Tapeworm...

"Bridges crossing water
Bridges crossing land
Subterranean rivers
Seeping through the sand"

Lungfish, "Oppress Yourself"

Taper. Reducing mileage before the big run. That's where I am now. Last weekend was a medium weekend, really didn't do much other than a medium distance run/hike at McNaughton. Would have been an ideal day for the race, 50 and sunny.

As it stands, weather calls for everything from rain to 70s and sun. We get what we get and we like it, right? The mantra of the trail. I've been running in old shoes. Funny how you can tell almost right away when your shoes are no good, aches where there shouldn't be aches during a run, not from long run recovery or anything, those are different, but strictly from the shoes. I ordered a new pair in anticipation of that day, that first feeling. Finally got them today after struggles with a store-that-shall-remain-nameless. But, they're here and I'll have a few runs to break them in before next weekend.

And so we wait to run long again...tapering.

soundtrack: Lungfish "Artificial Horizon" Man, I love Daniel Higgs. You have to be in a meditative state of being to "get" Lungfish, but when you are, it's really transcendent stuff. Like going to church.

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