Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Summer Running

I love summer running. Most days are muggy no matter what time you go out. Sweat fairly pours everywhere, thirst comes, but the breeze catches you either on the way out or returning. There are those few days with low humidity, a bit cooler--we've had a our fair share throughout June.

Trails are green. They are overgrown, grasses brush your legs. Ticks aren't good, but you're running so it's bearable. Some longish runs at Farmdale and mostly middle distance stuff during the week. Enjoying most every run.

Haven't run any races yet this summer, but this weekend am doing Swamp Dogs 10k, hopefully the Bix 7 at the end of this month, Chicago Half Marathon at the beginning of September with my cousin, and then Rock Cut 50k at the end of September. Nothing in my head for after that. If gas is 6 bucks by then, those weekend drives to McNaughton may be curtailed. Eureka Backroads Marathon anyone?

Ipod-- Man, I love this thing. Have to kick the summer vibes like this:

-Tony Rebel "If Jah"
-Bujo Banton "'Til Shiloh"
-Hip hop mix- Fugees, Cypress Hill, Mos Def, Jurassic 5, etc.
Reggae/Ska mix- Marley, King Django, Stubborn All Stars, etc.
"This American Life" NPR podcast

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