Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rock Cut Hobo Run 50k

Ran this race on Sunday up in Rockford, IL. I had a decent summer of training with what was fairly high volume for me, although I pretty much didn't have any substantive long runs for four weeks before the race, a potential area of concern.

We went up Saturday and messed around a bit, swam, etc. Sunday morning at race start skies were cloudy temps cool but pleasant--50's. Basically, pretty much perfect running weather. I started off conservatively but with steady running, around 11:00/mile pace I would guess.

My first 15.5 mile loop clocked at 3:03. Goal time had been 3:15-3:30. Went to the Ipod for loop two primarily because the race was fairly strung out and there wasn't much conversation to be had. I had a few mental low spots on loop two, right around 20 miles in particular, but overall kept a good pace and ran within my limits. At about 24 miles I picked the pace up a bit thinking maybe sub-6 was a possibility. It wasn't at that stage, but was a good motivating factor to run harder. Several folks were hurting worse than I was and I passed them in the late miles while not being passed once in the last 12 miles.

Finish time was 6:14. Positive splits of 3:03/3:11, averaging out to 12:01 per mile and good for 48th out of 70 overall. My goal going in was sub 7 hours, so I'm happy with this time.

This trail is very nice, but not overly difficult. There are lots of flat double track sections that are very runnable with a nice mix of some moderately hilly single track in wooded areas. I'd recommend it.


ollie said...

A hearty "well done"!!!

It sounds as if you had fun and a successful athletic accomplishment.

dirt_trail_runner said...

thanks, ollie! nice job at the half marathon. are you doing farmdale this year?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for asking me if I needed help with anything and if I had enough electrolytes. I was one of the runners that were hurting. good job with your run.

dirt_trail_runner said...

brian, i didn't realize that was you. i've read your blog from time to time. good finish!

Fat Man Running said...

Nice job, Jason ... see you at Farmdale in a couple of weeks ... I'm going to do 2 loops ... signing up for the race was good incentive to train harder, but I'm not ready for a 33-miler yet!

ollie said...

I am doing the 8 miler at Farmdale; this fall has been a "rebuilding" period.

My struggles over the past year or so have been a direct result of poor cardiovascular conditioning due to my doing too many "slow hiking" quality miles. :-)

So, I'll do the 8 miler as hard as I can, and then help out with the longer race (aid stations, or whatever needs to be done)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jason!

Happy trails,

Connie :)