Saturday, December 22, 2012


walk, yes walk, four miles after the first snow of this el nino (?) year.  crystal fairly glints off of each limb.  as always, getting "out there" is what matters.

then today, 4-wheeler with andrew along mill creek.  new downed trees. limbs.  we don't make it back there as much as usual.  he hunted with his 9-iron.  broke still-forming ice.  tracks: rabbit, deer, coon (maybe?).  maybe grizzly. that's what he said.

listening to:  samiam: tricky

been reading:  nietzsche, "genealogy of morals"--haven't read him in 15+ plus years.  a more mature and contextual reading than when i was an undergrad.  or so i'd like to think.

also reading: "candide" by voltaire.  first time.  not sure why, it's marvelous!

provisional stuff on my winter break list:  "thus spoke zarathustra" and maybe a re-reading of "philosophy of history" by hegel. 

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