Thursday, June 12, 2014

correspondence chess win...

not a bad win, playing as white:

1.    e4    c5
2.    d4    cxd4
3.    Ng1f3    Nb8c6
4.    Bf1b5    a6
5.    Bb5a4    b5
6.    Ba4b3    e5
7.    O-O    Ng8f6
8.    Rf1e1    h6
9.    c3    dxc3
10.    Nb1xc3    Bf8b4
11.    Bc1d2    O-O
12.    a3    Bb4c5
13.    Nc3d5    Bc8b7
14.    Qd1c1    Bc5a7
15.    Bd2xh6    Nc6d4
16.    Bh6xg7    Nf6xd5
17.    Qc1h6    resign


StanZ said...

Dude!! You play the Smith-Morra gambit? I used to play against a guy years ago who always played it, especially against young whippersnappers (like me) who wanted to play a main line of the Najdorf or Dragon as black. It was always tough for me to play against as black. Good game! Stan

dirt_trail_runner said...

haha, yeah, get bored playing regular lines. honestly i had some help from black in this one.