Monday, April 06, 2009

Not Every Run Is In The Sun

Ok, so I haven't bloginated in a while. Life, new job, etc. Not like anyone reads this dreck anyway.

BUT, it is Mcnaughton Week, and that means life must be good. Training, what's that? No, actually I do feel like I got in some decent trail time. Cobbled together a few 5-6 hour runs on the course, filled in with some decent weekly mileage. The last three or four weeks has been on the low side, but am considering that an extended taper. After some lagging motivation, mostly due with just adjusting to new work conditions and other life stuff, I'm fired up now to go out and attempt fifty miles on those trails.

Weather for the weekend is looking decent, so far. "So far" has to be the qualifier because, as we all know, conditions are subject to change with no darn notice. I love running in the rain/mud, but I gotta admit that it would be a luxury to have a nice dry track to run on for a change after the last two years.

The word on thedirt is that Andy has called this the last McNaughton Trail Run. I certainly hope it isn't and that someone will carry the banner for the race into the future. What a great event for central IL for those of us that LOVE ultras and trail running in general.

Really started running the trails out there in 2002 I guess it was, but didn't do any official distance until '04, when it was the fun run. Leg fracture in 2005 but volunteered deep into the night to see Eric Clifton rip up that course. 2006 was 30 miles. 2007 was a failed 50 miler that turned into a 20 training run in the rain for Berryman. Vindication in '08 for the 50 mile DNF. Who knows what mysteries '09 holds? I just hope they aren't the last.

If they are the last, boy we had mad fun while it lasted and the philosopher in me always remembers that, like the race itself the last two years and last night's run in the pelting sleet, not every run is in the sun-- yet even the one's that aren't are always worthwhile..


Harriet said...

I am thinking of maybe, just maybe, a low key trail marathon in the summer; the course would be two full loops plus cutting the last one short by taking the short cut from Heaven's gate back to the start.

dirt_trail_runner said...

count me in,, ollie

Anonymous said...

Word on the street, okay from Andy, is someone is looking to take it over next year. Andy will come back next year to work it and help if that"person" does it.
I have already asked Andy to forward my contact info to that person as I will turn my McNaughton shoes in to help work and/or organize as asked. We can't let this one die. We have 2 quality Ultras in our backyard and look for a third possible addition in 2010.
McNaughton weather IS going to be great, let's get pumped.
And of course keep the beer cold.

jimboboparino said...

i read your blog jason. i too have felt the angst. its palpable

jimboboparino said...

where is the trail??? in central illinois eh? i've ran a leg or two.

dirt_trail_runner said...

anon, count me in for '10!

jim, wuzzup man. it's in pekin, believe it or not. 10 mile loops of incredible single track in our backyard. who knew???

you have some good stuff up there in northern wi. i did the glacial trail up in greenbush a few years back. stunning. hope all is well for you.

Anonymous said...

2 Wet Kim,

If it were easy they'd call it your momma