Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Tears from the sky, i'm satisfied that i can't stop the rain,
Can't justify, and i can't define, and i can't stop the rain, rain

We only dream to float downstream, reminded by the rain,
Tied to a tree, cannot break free, reminded by the rain

from J-Church, "November"

Water is elemental to our existence. This we know. Rain is not elemental to good trail running. It is April, it has rained for hours and weeks on end. This is ok with me, I need a break from the trails.

Post-McNaughton has been a combination of probably drinking a few too many beers and eating a bit too much, not running enough, and working on busy end of the semester stuff at the new gig. It's easy to justify a lull as a recovery from a big effort and in some ways I think this a wise philosophy. I fully commend and in some ways envy the folks who do a lot of big, long runs back-to-back-to-back-to-back with seemingly no ill effects. I am not one of them. Dropping the mileage down, targeting only a few races for fun, and going for some shorter runs, are all good for the psyche and hopefully for long term participation in this stuff.

It's been two weeks and the only lingering effect from Mcn is a bit of forefoot pain, maybe a slight case of tendinitis. This is nothing new and new shoes will most likely help. In the last three days I've gotten out a few times for six mile road runs. Last night's was in drizzle and chilly air. Does early March never end?

Still, running in the rain is better than not running at all.


Harriet said...

I admit that I did yesterday's (short) run on the treadmill. :-)


dirt_trail_runner said...

you are forgiven, ollie.