Thursday, April 28, 2011


yesterday: still cool and cloudy. good running weather if nothing else. 41:00 fartlek. 8 pick-ups of about a minute apiece. this qualifies as a "speed" workout for me. felt nice.

i admit it, i've become a fan of the nba this year. the playoffs are awesome, just about every matchup is a good one. here is my take going forward from today:


Bulls vs. Atlanta/Orlando: Atlanta is the better matchup for the Bulls. Rose will simply be too much and stylistically they should be easier even than Indiana was. Bulls in 5 if this happens. Orlando is tougher because of Howard, but I still think the Bulls win. Orlando is a very streaky shooting team and honestly they don't have the perimeter speed to handle Chicago. Bulls in 6 against Orlando.

Heat vs. Celtics: Boston is old and fading, Miami is young and surging. I really don't think Boston has a chance here. Miami in 6.

Bulls vs. Heat: This will be a great series. Ultimately I believe that Chicago's team defense and cohesiveness will win out. Noah and Boozer have also shown that they can neutralize Bosh and Rose is every bit as dangerous as Lebron. Bulls showed in the regular season that they can beat the Heat. Great matchup and really a coin flip. Bulls in 7.


Thunder vs. Spurs/Grizz: Do not sleep on Okla. City. This team is dangerous. I honestly think they dispatch either one of these teams. Westbrook and Durant are deadly and they have the interior defense with Ibaka and Perkins to negate Memphis' post strength should they hold on and win. Thunder in 5 over Grizz in 6 over Spurs.

Lakers vs. Dallas: We'll look ahead here. I think this will be the matchup. I really love Dallas and am a huge Nowitzki fan. The Lakers are there to be had this year, the problem for Dallas is that they don't have the tools to get it done. They can't defend Kobe, and although Chandler has had a great year, Bynum and Gasol are too much. This will be more competitive than people think, however. Lakers in 6.

Thunder vs. Lakers: Time for a changing of the guard. Kobe has lost a step, Westbrook's time is now. The Laker's frontcourt advantage is blunted by a solid Okla. City line and Durant feasts from the wing. The youth of the Thunder finally matures and makes the Lakers look like what they are, old. Thunder in 6.


Bulls vs. Thunder: We're assuming Rose is healthy, which he looks to be. The Rose/Westbrook matchup has us salivating. Thibs' commitment to defense rears its head again, Rose shows why he's MVP and leads the Bulls to a title. Bulls in 7.

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